Friday, April 11, 2014

Sicilian Defence: Portsmouth Gambit Now on Kindle!

I've published this chess monograph, "Sicilian Defence: Portsmouth Gambit", in April 2014. This booklet has the following chess moves: 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. b4!? And it also has 70 chess diagrams and 84 completed chess games. The author have played all of the 84 chess games. And he won 79 chess games and lost 5 chess games! On February the 23rd, 2016, this original chess monograph has been converted in a Kindle eBook. And it is being sold on the website in United States, the website in Canada, the website in United Kingdom, and other Amazon websites around the world!


goommba88 said...

Hello sir, iv noticed some of your opening momgraphs are very interesting, you seem to be trying too fill a gap in chess litature, covering lines i have not seen much about since "myer's opening bulletin" which now is quite outdated, to which i say thank you.
Iv noticed you are from canada, do you test these lines OTB and if so, what is your FIDE rating?

David Robert Lonsdale said...

Yes, I'm from Canada. I used to play OTB when I was in college a long time ago. My job and other commitments made me play postal chess for a few years (It's pretty slow but I love collecting the postcards!). Then I switched to playing email chess for another few years until I started playing online chess at the website! And that's when I started writing my chess monographs. I'm afraid that I've forgotten my old FIDE or ICCF rating. Noboby's perfect!